Paraformaldehyde white bag packaging in warehouse with fork lifter

White Crystalline Solid, Paraformaldehyde in Prills form, is extensively used as fumigant, disinfectant and adhesives. Being a flammable and high friction product, our paraformaldehyde prills are delivered in premium anti-static LDPE bags to ensure zero hazards. We offer best-in-class Paramformaldehyde prills – 91% as well as 96% – for catering to a diverse range of industrial sectors. Our exhaustive quality control checks and product testing verifies that each lot is consistently top grade.

25 KG LPG bag of Paraformaldehyde white and blue
25 KG LPG bag of Paraformaldehyde white and Orange
Paraformaldehyde white and blue bulk bag 1000kg
Paraformaldehyde white and orange bulk bag of 1000kg

Product Packaging

Our advanced packaging has set new standards in the industry, resulting in safe and zero-waste deliveries. It’s available in-

Tough. Anti-Static. Flexible.

We pack our products using high-caliber machines, making them extremely safe to handle and move.

Thus, preventing any hazardous scenarios that might occur during storage or transfer.

Our industry-first initiative of Open Top Bags is appreciated by the customers which gives them the flexibility to procure small pack sizes of 25 Kgs yet provides them the luxury to unload, stack, store and transfer like a Jumbo Bag of 1 MT.

25kgs LDPE Bags
25kgs LDPE Bags
500/1000kgs Jumbo Bags
500/1000kgs Jumbo Bags
Customized Packaging - On Demand
Customized Packaging -
On Demand

Array of service areas

Paraformaldehyde used in Melamine resin manufacturing


For manufacturing of Phenolic Urea and Melamine Resins. Among the applications for these resins are moulding powders; glues for chipboard, plywood, and furniture; brakes; abrasives; foundry dyes; finishing resins; driers and glossing agents; electrical insulating varnishes.

To clean the air in warehouse paraformaldehyde is used


It is used in warehouses & other rooms to disinfect the air.

Paraformaldehyde used  in hospitality hotels and motels closets


To prevent mildew growth, hotels and motels in humid regions often hang small bags containing it in closets with or without added mothproofing agents.

Textile industry use Balaji formalin paraformaldehyde


Paraformaldehyde is used to manufacture fluorescent pigments, as well as soluble condensation products called FORMOCEL.

Balaji Formalin Paraformaldehyde used in crude oil scavengers as additive

Oil Scavengers

It is used as an additive in certain materials to derive unique properties.

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