Formaldehyde carboys, tankers and barrel containers at balaji formalin warehouse

Colourless, Flammable and Pungent Smelling liquid, with a wide range of applications from being used as preservatives in food & paints industry to processing in petrochemical industry to use in building construction material. Formaldehyde based resins with exemplary binding and thermal resistance properties are pivotal to manufacture of plywood,furniture and insulation materials.

We offer consistent top-grade 37-43% Formaldehyde in various sizes & packaging.

Blue carboy container of paraformaldehyde at Balaji formalin
Barrel blue container for urea formaldehyde at Balaji formalin
IBC formaldehyde container packaging at Balaji Formalin
SS tank container of formaldehyde at Balaji formalin

Product packaging

We know there are as many preferences as there are industries. To accommodate these needs, we have designed packaging in a variety of sizes and styles for our products.

Tough. UN Certified. No-leak Packaging.

We pack our products using high-caliber packaging machines, which are completely automated.

They ensure the tankers, carboys, and barrels are filled accurately with zero spillage or wastage. Also, making it extremely safe to handle and transport.

Thus, preventing any hazardous scenarios that might occur during or after transport.

20 / 35 & 50 Kgs. Carboys
250 Kgs. Barrel
SS Tanks & ISO Container
SS Tanks & ISO Container
IBC Container
500 / 1000 Kgs.
IBC Container

Array of service areas

Formaldehyde chemical used in construction industry


It acts as a building block in the manufacture of MDI(Methyl Diphenyl Diisocyanate ) & is the main component of various polymers used in building construction.

Balaji formalin formaldehyde used in personal care industry as preservative

Personal Care

It is used as a preservative in many cosmetics to prevent microbiological growth & spoilage of cosmetics.

Formaldehyde as antiseptic for heathcare industry in vaccines


It is used as an additive in the manufacture & sterilization of some vaccines, also used as an antiseptic& disinfectant as it kills various Bacteria & Fungi.



Used in paints & some lacquers mainly to inhibit bacterial & fungi growth.

Automobile manufacturers used Balaji formalin paraformaldehyde for vehicle's interiors


Formaldehyde-based resins exhibit extreme heat tolerance & are widely used in the manufacture of automobile interiors & other components.

Formaldehyde is used in textile industry for cotton fabrics


Used in anti-shrinking treatment in clothing & reduces wrinkling in cotton fabrics.



Used in manufacture of syntans & resins that act as tanning or retanning agents in leather production.

ParaFormaldehyde is used in papers and plywood industry as resin

Paper & Plywood

Extensively used as a resin in the wood product industry to manufacture a wide range of cabinets, furniture, counter tops among other products.


Cattle Feed Industry

It's widely utilized as a disinfectant to keep the ambience hygienic for the cattles.

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