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Credibility cannot be purchased, it is earned. Balaji Formalin is a name, which people lay their valued trust upon. Throughout our journey, we have consistently provided impeccable quality chemical solutions to our diverse clientele across the globe. We are constantly motivated by the unwavering faith and trust our customers have in us to continuously improve & provide an unsurpassed experience. We don’t make false promises, we serve genuine solutions.


Championing innovation
with preservation

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We constantly endeavour to provide globally benchmarked products to clients worldwide.

To reduce the carbon footprint, our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities firmly conforming to national and international laws and regulations. We are committed to preserving the ecological balance while providing world-class products & services by maintaining a zero-discharge facility & tree plantation drive.

The complex’s proximity to Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) coupled with our robust supply chain management acts as a key driver to meeting global demands with ease. We work hard to cater to the varied needs of our valued clientele without impacting the environment.



To become a world-class manufacturer of chemicals, particularly formaldehyde and paraformaldehyde, providing 100% reliability to our customers, vendors, shareholders and employees in a sustainable, eco-friendly and safe manner.

Balaji forrmaline organization in Gujarat
Employees are in the Balaji Formalin Chemicals manufacturing company


To enhance capacities and efficiencies at every level of the organization and act in an accountable and sustainable way for all stakeholders.



Balaji Formalin came into existence with its 1st state of the art facility in Gandhinagar, Gujarat with a capacity of 22K MTPA.


Upscaled Cumulative Capacity to 60K MTPA.


Upscaled Cumulative Capacity to 90K MTPA.


Balaji Formalin's Mumbai Plant (India's largest prills grade facility) inaugurated, Cumulative Capacity Increased to 2.25L MTPA.


Balaji started Paraformaldehyde Production, establishing itself as India's Largest producer of Paraformaldehyde. Boosting their combined production capacity to a huge 2.5L MTPA.


Balaji Formalin successfully complied for REACH regulations of Europe & South Korea.


Balaji Formalin proudly complied with Responsible Care® and took a proactive and holistic approach to safeguarding people and the environment throughout their lives.


Balaji established their Bharuch plant under the brand Burakia Industries, a 100% subsidiary of Balaji Formalin. Boosting their cumulative production capacity to 3.5L MTPA.


Industries we serve

Our high-quality, long shelf-life Formaldehyde and superior-grade Paraformaldehyde prills are used by a wide array of industries to further develop specific solutions by streamlining their production.

No matter what category your industry falls into, Balaji Formalin is capable of delivering ingenious solutions to meet your needs.

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Our workforce is an integral part of our mission. We take pride in being an employee centric organisation. Working with brilliant minds, you get to be part of exclusive league where learning and knowledge are the staple norms. Working has never been so engaging and inclusive.

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